Freelarker Music Break: Reid the Martian

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“Excuses Not To Sleep” by Reid the Martian

Reid the Martian is a one-man band, songwriter, producer and rapper from Kansas City, Mo. His second album “Excuses Not To Sleep” dropped June 10th of this year. ‘Excuses’ is a fun, flowing romp through the red-light district; gritty and organic without an overblown ego or hollering ‘ bitches’ every third line. In addition to a smooth flow and skilled musician, it’s worth mentioning Reid wrote and produced all the tracks on ‘Excuses’. I would loosely compare his sound to 2 Chainz and Chance The Rapper mixed with Atmosphere. Track 5 “The Other Side” is a great example of this man’s talent both lyrically and musically.

If you dig “Excuses Not To Sleep” by Reid the Martian, be sure to check out his first EP “Hardball” from 2015. Ultimately you are the best judge of what you like. We encourage our readers to give a listen and leave a comment letting us know what you think. thanks for reading (& listening). See you here next time for more independent reviews of artists outside the mainstream. -ct